How do I Get Started?

Decide on which award you will be working towards and purchase the workbook.

For Girls:

  • Family of God- grades 2-3
  • I Live My Faith- grades 4-6
  • Mary, the First Disciple- grades 7-8
  • The Spirit Alive- grades 9-12
  • Ad Altare Dei- ages 13 years and older and in a Venturing Crew
  • Pope Pius XII- ages 15 years and older and in a Venturing Crew (needs to be done in a group setting)

For Boys:

  • Light of Christ- ages 6-7 years
  • Parvulli Dei- ages 8-10 years
  • Ad Altare Dei- ages 13 years and older
  • Pope Pius XII- ages 15 years and older (needs to be  done in a group setting)

You may need to inform your Parish Priest that you will be working on this award and that once you are done you may need their signature on the Application Form (if a Priest signature is required). 
Decide on whether you will be working on this on your own or in a group.  Try to get a group together, it’s typically more fun and there are usually a lot of great questions that come up in a group setting. 
Figure out who is going to help lead the group.   Most responsible Catholic adults are capable of doing this.  Yes, we know it will be scary at first but you can always ask the advice of one of your Parish CFF instructors or your Parish or work with the other Catholic parents in your group.  Trust us, it a great experience. 
There is currently a retreat that is offered for the Ad Altare Dei Award that is offered in October of each year and registration usually opens around July.  It’s a great way to complete this award.


Once you are done with the requirements of the award, make sure the Application is complete and get the signature of your Parish Priest. 
Go to the Awards Order Form section and complete the form.  You will need to either scan or take a digital photo of the completed Application and upload the image to the order form.  This is your Proof of Completion.  Please add the family email as a return receipt will be sent back to you.  We will also use this email to send an invitation to you sometime in December and January to the Celebration.  
On the 1 st Saturday in February at 10am each year the Bishop has a celebration at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento in downtown Sacramento and personally recognizes each scout for the religious accomplishments and presents them with a special patch. Please SAVE THE DATE. 
Expect your award within a week or two after you complete the submission. 
That’s it!