Diocese of Sacramento 403(b) Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I gain online access to the new 403(b) plan?

Visit Personal Savings Center at www.standard.com/login. For instructions on accessing your retirement account, please refer to The Standard User Guide.

2. Can I make contributions into the new 403(b) plan?

Yes, you can begin contributions at anytime. Please refer to The Standard Enrollment Brochure and complete the Savings Form, Investing Form, and Beneficiary Form. All forms should be submitted to your payroll administrator/bookkeeper. 

3. Can I view a sample of my new 403(b) retirement account statement?

Yes. Please refer to The Standard Sample Participant Statement.

4. Can I have different investment selections for the employee & employer contributions?

No. Any money that is deposited into your account, whether employee, employer or both will be invested according to your investment directives.

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