Independent Review Board

The Diocese of Sacramento formed an Independent Review Board in 2002 to assess allegations of sexual abuse. The review board is mandated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Article Two. The majority of members are laypersons not employed by the diocese. Members assist the Bishop by assessing allegations of sexual abuse of minors and fitness for ministry, and review related diocesan policies and procedures.

“The Independent Review Board lives up to its name by being independent in thought and action. We are proud to have the services of men and women of diverse professional backgrounds who think for themselves and who don’t hesitate to tell the truths about clergy sexual abuse that need to be told. I value and rely on their expertise and on recommendations that reflect deep thought and a commitment to protecting the young and the vulnerable in our diocese.” - Bishop Jaime Soto

Please direct all inquiries to:
Chantal LeFevre, (Bishop’s liaison)
2110 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818-2541
(916) 733-0200 •  Fax: (916) 733-0215