Diocesan Missionary Cooperative Appeal

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith accepts requests from Mission Dioceses and Religious Orders working in the missions to preach at a parish for the purpose of making an appeal for financial support. This annual appeal is  helps unite the Diocese of Sacramento with the Universal Church and to emanate mission awareness among the people of the Diocese of Sacramento. The generous donations are a reflection of the ongoing awareness and concern for the peoples of the world.

Mission Dioceses and the leaders of men’s and women’s religious communities are invited to submit applications to speak at parishes within the Diocese of Sacramento. These presentations inform the parishioners about the work in the missions and provide an opportunity for them to learn and support this important work.

How to Apply for the Mission Cooperative Appeal

Step One: Submit your Letter of Request to Participate by September 30th

Before we can consider an application, all priests, deacons, religious congregations and lay organizations will need to provide an original “Letter of Request to Participate”

The following information needs to be included in the original “Letter of Request to Participate”:

  • A description of the work done by your (arch)diocese, mission or organization
  • A listed U.S based contact representative for the (arch) diocese, mission or organization 
  • Why your (arch)diocese, mission or organization should be considered for participation in the MCP
  • How MCP funds will be concretely used
  • Who will directly benefit from these funds
  • Specify that you are authorized to function legally as a 501-3-C or similar identity

Deadline: “Letter of Request to Participate” must be received by September 30th. 

Online Process: Submit your "Request to Participate" through our online form: https://scd.formstack.com/forms/request_to_particpate_mca

  • Letters of Request to Participate sent by mail will be accepted and must be received no later than September 30th.  Please plan accordingly for potential delays in delivery of mail to our office. 

Disclaimer: Receipt of this request to participate does not indicate acceptance in the MCA. Applicants will be sent an application to be filled out in October. 

Step Two: Complete the MCA Application starting in October

Those who successfully submitted their "Letter of Request to Participate" will be invited to complete the Application to Participate in the MCA. 

  • Please expect delays in sending you the Application if correspondence with your organization is by mail only.

Deadline to submit Application: Completed applications and required supporting documents must be submitted by December 1st. 

  • MCA Applications sent by mail will be accepted and must be received no later than December 1st.  Please plan accordingly for potential delays in delivery of mail to our office
  • Failure to submit a complete application with the required supporting documents may disqualify your organization from being considered for the MCA. 

Disclaimer: Submission of a complete application with the required supporting documents does not guarantee that your organization will be selected to participate in the MCA for the Diocese of Sacramento. 

Due to the number of participating parishes, we are not able to accommodate all applicants. 

We are committed to reviewing each application to ensure a fair selection process. 

Guidelines & Policies: 

The Missionary Cooperative Guidelines & Policies below apply to all organizations who are invited to apply or invited to participate in the Missionary Cooperative Appeal.  

My Organization was selected for upcoming MCA, what are the next steps?

Notification of Selected Organizations - by February 15th

Selected organizations will be notified by February 15th of their invitation to participate in the upcoming MCA, you will receive a Welcome Packet from our office via mail.  If your organization was not selected, you will not receive a notification. 

Selected organizations must submit additional documents and contact their assigned parish according to the instructions provided in their Welcome Packet.  Letters of Good Standing are required for every person making the appeal for your organization in the Diocese of Sacramento, and is subject to review and approval by the Diocese of Sacramento. 


  • Failure to provide additional documents and/or contact their assigned parish may disqualify the organization from participating in the MCA.
  • The Diocese of Sacramento reserves the right to cancel their invitation to any organization who fails to comply with the MCA requirements, policies and/or for any reason determined by the Diocese of Sacramento. 

The Appeal - May through August

Selected organizations who have met all requirements, will participate in the MCA which occurs from May-August.