Ongoing Formation for Deacons

The formation of a deacon is does not end at ordination. It is a life-long process by which a deacon continually expands his knowledge, skill, so that his spiritual journey will constantly progress and he will increasingly become the unique image of God that he was created to be. The dimensions which compose the diaconal formation program (spiritual, human, intellectual, and pastoral) also structure a deacon's ongoing formation.


The annual retreat for deacons and spouses will be August 26-28, 2022 at Zephyr Point at Lake Tahoe.

Continuing Education

The next continuing education day for deacons and spouses will be March 19, 2022 at St. Joseph Parish in Lincoln. The topic is "The Passion" and our presenter is Fr. Donald Senior CP.

The fall continuing education day will be October 22, 2022 (note this is a change from the previously announced date).

In preparation for the Eucharistic Revival, we will also have a special clergy event. "Celebrating Well: A Liturgical Workshop for Priests and Deacons" will be led by Fr. Paul Turner. Clergy will register for either the September 9 or September 10, 2022 workshop. Both will be at St. Mel Parish in Fair Oaks and also available online. The timeframe is tentatively 10am-3pm.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Deacons

This new training component was already required of other clergy. Deacons will complete it online during the month of July 2022.


The second convocation of deacons will be in 2025 (tentatively October 16-19). This will replace the 2025 retreat and two continuing education days.