About Black Catholic Ministry

Information and Registration

We encourage you to complete the form at least for census purposes, so that we can have a knowledge about our community in the Diocese. This will help us obtain funds and other support. 

  • If you have friends or relatives within the Diocese who have not completed this form, please encourage them to complete the form. We are often asked for community statistics and so we need compiled to share.
  • If you do not want to register as a member, but only wish to complete the census, please click here.
  • Please complete this registration form to stay informed.  Also, please consider getting involved – we need your help to make these good goals become a reality!

Thank you for helping the BCM get to know and serve you better!

Goals of the BCM

  • ✓ Bring an African American Priest to Sacramento
  • Establish a Black Catholic Spiritual Center
  • ✓ Have regularly scheduled Masses with a Gospel choir
  • Increase the African American Catholic presence in the Diocese
  • Host more Black Catholic Cultural and Social events
  • Increase Black youth and family involvement

Ethnic Communities