Protect Every Life: Journey with us January 11-23, 2021


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January 22nd, 2021 marks the 48th anniversary of the lamentable 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Roe v. Wade. Recognizing the malignant havoc of legalized abortion still gripping our nation, Bishop Jaime Soto designates Friday, January 22nd as a Diocesan Day of Reparation.

The Catholic Faithful and all people of goodwill are encouraged to observe this Day of Reparation with prayers for the legal protection of human life, works of mercy and penance in reparation for the persistent violations of human dignity inflicted by the practice of abortion. In the spirit of Evangelium Vitae, whose 25th anniversary is being commemorated by the national Catholic initiative Walking with Moms In Need, activities this January will focus on enlivening the culture of life for mothers, fathers and their families.

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Human Dignity: January 11, 7:00pm

This presentation is crafted to engage students’ minds and hearts toward the inherent dignity of the human person. Through storytelling, real-life examples, natural law, and scientific evidence, we pose the question: What is it about human beings that sets them apart? We discuss the splendor of the human person and define human dignity as the unique value inherent to each of us. We celebrate the magnificence of human life with stunning images, state-of-the-art footage, and fascinating facts. We address modern day violations of human dignity and ask the question: How do we reverse this? We empower students to understand that personal virtue has the power to humanize. And we close with an inspiring story, inviting each student to join us in restoring our culture. There are no graphic images in this presentation.

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Dignidad Humana: 12 de enero, 7:00pm

Esta presentación está diseñada para involucrar la mente y el corazón de los estudiantes hacia la dignidad inherente de la persona humana. A través de la narración, ejemplos de la vida real, leyes naturales y evidencia científica, planteamos la pregunta: ¿Qué tienen los seres humanos que los distingue? Discutimos el esplendor de la persona humana y definimos la dignidad humana como el valor único inherente a cada uno de nosotros. Celebramos la magnificencia de la vida humana con imágenes asombrosas, imágenes de última generación y hechos fascinantes. Abordamos las violaciones modernas de la dignidad humana y hacemos la pregunta: ¿Cómo revertimos esto? Capacitamos a los estudiantes para que comprendan que la virtud personal tiene el poder de humanizar. Y cerramos con una historia inspiradora, invitando a cada estudiante a unirse a nosotros para restaurar nuestra cultura. No hay imágenes gráficas en esta presentación.

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Transforming Hearts, Saving Lives: January 13, 6:00pm

Is everyone's mind already "made up" on abortion? Can you change someone's mind on abortion? What do I say when someone is in an unplanned pregnancy? All these questions will be answered. Every single day, minds are shifting from pro-abortion to pro-life and you can join in this ever-growing movement building a lasting culture of LIFE.

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Pray with Us

Respect Life Novena: January 14-22

Our Respect Life Novena is dedicated to those babies who have been aborted, for those mothers who have suffered a loss of a child, and mothers in need. Each day will be led by our diocesan clergy and laity. Connect to Facebook or Instagram for each day's prayer and reflection at 11am: @SCDFormedFaith  Register for the Novena and Walk:

"Into the Mix" Young Adult Evening: January 21, 7:00pm

A gathering for young adults called “Into the Mix” focused on pro-life issues.  Watch it LIVE on Diocese of Sacramento YouTube Channel:

Respect Life Mass on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: January 22, 12:10pm

Mass with Bishop Soto livestreamed via Cathedral Facebook:

Testimony and Live Ultrasound: January 23, 10:30am

Live ultrasound from the Sacramento Life Center & a witness talk for youth & families. Watch the talk LIVE on Facebook here:


Sacramento Life Center Video(Be available by Monday)

Walk with Us

Solidarity Walk: January 23

We encourage families to take time to reflect on the gospel of life and pray the rosary. Take a selfie or record yourself taking a walk around the neighborhood as you pray for an end to abortion and post using #SCDProLife #ProtectEveryLife Register for the Novena and Walk: