Parent Support

Presented by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, is a workshop series for parents of Youth and Young Adults.

Join us for our next Parent Support on Monday, June 21st, 2021 at 8pm.


For more information contact Jen Campbell at

Watch on YouTube here when we go live at 8pm on June 21st! 

Previous Parent Support Meetings

May 2021: Talking to Your Children About Love, Sex and Marriage.

April 2021: Preparing our kids for Sports

March 2021: Preparing our kids for Sports

February 2021: Supporting Vocations at Home

January 2021: Raising ProLife Kids

December 2020: Good Habits for Your Family’s Financial Health

November 2020: Supporting our teen and young adult children with Prayer

September 2020: Supporting our teen and young adult children in Self – Care

August 2020 - Introducing Theology of the Body

July 2020 - Helping our children foster a love of God's Creation

June 2020 - Talking to our children about the sin of racism

May 2020 - Conflict Resolution with out Teen and Young Adult Children

April 2020 - Helping parents support their Teen & Young Adult children during COVID-19