Parent Support

Presented by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, is a workshop series for parents of Youth and Young Adults.

Join us for our next Parent Support on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 7pm on Facebook @scdoyya.

For more information contact Jen Campbell at

Previous Parent Support Sessions

June 2021: Support our teens during life transitions.


May 2021: Talking to Your Children About Love, Sex and Marriage.

April 2021: Preparing our kids for Sports

March 2021: Preparing our kids for Sports

February 2021: Supporting Vocations at Home

January 2021: Raising ProLife Kids

December 2020: Good Habits for Your Family’s Financial Health

November 2020: Supporting our teen and young adult children with Prayer

September 2020: Supporting our teen and young adult children in Self – Care

August 2020 - Introducing Theology of the Body

July 2020 - Helping our children foster a love of God's Creation

June 2020 - Talking to our children about the sin of racism

May 2020 - Conflict Resolution with out Teen and Young Adult Children

April 2020 - Helping parents support their Teen & Young Adult children during COVID-19