Catholic Schools Week 2023 Message from Bishop Jaime Soto

Please join me in thanking the Lord Jesus for the good work he is accomplishing in all our Catholic Schools. We have much for which to be grateful. Jesus, the Good Shepherd and Good Teacher allows us – pastors, parents, teachers, and administrators – to share in his great mission to have all of God’s children grow in his wisdom, knowledge, and holiness.

When I see the many sacrifices, dedication, and creativity that allow our schools to flourish I am encouraged. These are signs of the Holy Spirit helping our children come to full stature as dynamic disciples of the Lord Jesus.

I encourage all of you to continue the good work the Lord Jesus has begun in us and through us. I also affirm all the efforts to foster among all the children and young people a deeper love for the Lord Jesus present in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Eucharist is a profound school of divine wisdom and a bountiful table of charity. Jesus teaches us and nourishes with the beautiful gift of his own body and blood. May we all taste and see the goodness of the Lord poured out for us from the Eucharistic Altar.

Join me in asking our Blessed Mother Mary to make our schools as well as our homes like the blessed school of Nazareth so that our students will grow into the image and likeness of her beloved Son, Jesus.