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Rachel's Vineyard retreat

healing after abortion

Rachel's Vineyard retreat is offered in Auburn July 8-10


Do you know someone who is carrying the secret burden of shame, anger, grief and the inability to forgive themselves and others because of a past abortion? In this Year of Mercy, the Diocese of Sacramento’s respect life ministry invites you to consider participating in a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat weekend July 8-10 in Auburn.


Come experience this unique and effective healing retreat that presents the mercy, compassion and healing of God. The retreat is open to all women, men, couples and family members touched by abortion.


The cost is $175 per person. Financial assistance is available. For more information, visit the website at http://www.scddec.org/post-abortion-care or contact Paula Segno at (916) 733-0161 or send an e-mail inquiry to projectrachel@scd.org. All inquiries and participation are strictly confidential.





CCC logo with image of US Supreme Court building
CCC logo with image of US Supreme Court building

California Bishops issue Statement

'...reform more urgent now with the Supreme Court's inaction' in United States vs. Texas


Bishop Jaime Soto, President of the California Catholic Conference of Bishops, issued the following statement following the US Supreme Court's inaction on the Administration's DACA/DAPA immigration order:


Once again political dynamics in the United States are endangering the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters. By our failure to address comprehensive immigration reform, we leave millions of migrants in a perpetual uncertainty and we perpetuate a climate of uncertainty, distrust and confusion.


In its inability to reach a decision in United States v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court exemplifies a long and destructive cycle of hyper-partisanship that is stymying our nation’s progress not just in immigration but also in many other areas of our public lives.  The common good – something we all must strive to advance – is suffering.


In California, a state in which immigration has enriched us and helped us build diverse, thriving communities, we are finding unique and promising ways to integrate our brothers and sisters into their new land.  Efforts to increase naturalization, allow for the purchase of health care services and other advances promise progress – at least in the Golden State if not in the nation as a whole. ... (read more at link below)


bullet with text Link to read the complete statement

bullet with text Link to the California Catholic Conference website for more information on human dignity and immigration





State capitol

ruling fails to respect right to life

CA Catholic bishops issue statement on June 21 Office of Civil Rights ruling on California's attempt to define abortion as basic health care


On June 21, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared, contrary to the plain meaning of current federal law, that the California Department of Managed Health Care can continue to force all health plans under its jurisdiction to cover elective abortions.


In a statement issued June 22, the California Catholic Conference of Bishops noted that after almost two years of little or no activity the OCR has ruled "that the bishops of California and others filing complaints do not have standing to object to a California agency mandating that religious organizations and individuals pay for all abortions in their managed health care plans."


"When California -- without public hearings or sufficient notification -- defined abortion as a basic health care service two years ago, it became absolutely necessary to file this complaint," explained Edward Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference. "Forcing organizations and individuals to violate their religious convictions is a threat to fundamental human liberties. To do so without due process distains honest public discourse. Taking two years to decide a simple question of standing is an appalling delay of basic justice that has placed those who do not wish to pay for all abortions in their privately-purchased health care plan in an untenable position."


Bishop Jaime Soto released the following statement June 22:


"Religious institutions have long thrived in a democratic environment where they enjoyed the freedom to exercise their faith. The opportunity to practice faith in a public way reciprocated upon American society a diverse fabric of pious expressions that contributed to civic discourse and pushed the nation closer to the ideals of human dignity and social harmony. The abolition of slavery, the early growth of labor unions, and struggles of the civil rights movement all possessed a vibrant religious voice rooted in respectful civic engagement. The Catholic community has been a vital partner in these hard-won endeavors. We have thrived in a social environment that acknowledges the inalienable, God-given, nature of our religious feedom. With this freedom we have placed ourselves at the service our sisters and brothers fostering robust networks of charitable, educational, and health-care organizations, all of which contribute to the common good. Our faith makes us good neighbors as well as faithful citizens.


"For this reason, the decision of California's Department of Managed Health Care to violate those freedoms without any public consultation and then the lethargic 'denial of standing' by the Federal Office of Civil Rights points to an alarming trend: Government is claiming for itself the prerogative of granting inalienable freedoms. Unaccountable agencies will decide to whom and to what extent to grant civil liberties. The ruling by the Office of Civil Rights makes clear that the State of California can act with impunity in its treatment of essential human liberties. This is why we will continue to work at the federal level to strengthen the 'Weldon Amendment' and ensure the freedom of our Catholic institutions to do good."


bullet with text Link here to read the entire text of the press release from the CA Catholic Conference

bullet with text Link here to read a statement from the USCCB chairmen about the federal agency ruling

bullet with text Link here to read a news story June 22 from Catholic News Service





Bishop Quinn at reception

at June 20 reception

Bishop Emeritus Francis A. Quinn honored for

70 years of priesthood


Bishop Emeritus Francis A. Quinn was honored during a reception June 20 at Sacred Heart Parish in Sacramento by clergy from across the Diocese of Sacramento to celebrate Bishop Quinn's 70th anniversary of priesthood. Bishop Jaime Soto, Auxiliary Bishop Myron J. Cotta and Bishop Emeritus William K. Weigand also attended the event. (In photo above, Bishop Soto and clergy listen to reflections offered by Bishop Quinn at the reception. Cathy Joyce photos)


Bishop Quinn with Sister Susan

Bishop Quinn, 94, was ordained to the priesthood on June 15, 1946 for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. He holds a master's degree in education from the Catholic University of America and a doctorate in education from UC Berkeley. He served from 1946 to 1979 in various capacities in the Archdiocese of San Francisco; from 1979 to 1993 as bishop of Sacramento; and from 1994 to 2007 as a volunteer with Native Americans in the Diocese of Tucson, Ariz.


Visit the link below to read an interview with Bishop Quinn from the January-February 2012 issue of Catholic Herald magazine.


bullet with text Link here to read an interview with Bishop Emeritus Francis A. Quinn from Catholic Herald





Bishop Soto

'may jesus, the lord of tender

mercy, hear our prayers for peace'

Bishop Soto releases statement concerning the terrorist attack and hate

crime in Orlando on June 12


Bishop Jaime Soto has issued the following statement concerning the terrorist attack and hate crime that took place June 12 in Orlando, Fla.


"Rage has ravaged Orlando. The ugly horror of hate casts a chilling shadow from coast to coast. It was perpetrated hours before many in this nation would rise to honor the Lord's Day. The sweetness of the Sabbath was saddened by the loss of life and the bitter taste of fear. Still, the command to keep holy that day can soothe and save us as we now wrestle with the worries and the wounds left in the wake of such brutality.


"Sunday by tradition brings people together to pray, to sing, to be nourished with God's word and the bounty of his table. These are the tools with which we can cultivate the peace and craft a common fellowship.


"We keep holy that day so that the Lord may keep us holy and wholesome. To these deep springs of his mercy we must come and not let another tragic event tempt us to drink of despair, revenge or hateful distain.


"The Lord's Day reminds us of why we were created and for what purpose he has created us. So now let us give ourselves to that task, binding wounds, building bridges and shining the brave light of hope that casts out all fear. May Jesus, the Lord of tender mercy, hear our prayers for peace and give us the resolve to be his peacemakers."


bullet with text Link here to read the June 13 story from Catholic News Service about the Orlando attack

bullet with text Link here to read the June 13 story from Catholic News Service with statement from Pope Francis, offering prayers for victims of Orlando attack

bullet with text Link here to read a special report on the Orlando attack from Faith Catholic





Holy Familiy church in Weed

rebuilding after Boles fire in 2014

Holy Family Church in Weed progressing with new church construction by end of 2016


Destroyed by the flames of the Boles fire in September 2014, Holy Family Parish in Weed is making great progress in its construction of a new main church, kitchen, classrooms, offices and parish hall.


Construction began in September 2015, with the groundbreaking a year after the fire. At that time, Father Joshy Mathew, parochial administrator of Holy Family, noted: “There is a lot of joy, a lot of community. God is building us again together in his love, for his glory. The community is so happy, just waiting to see the new church.”


The project will cost between $4.5 million and $5 million, worked through Catholic Mutual Insurance. Nichols, Melburg and Rosetto Architects and Engineers is overseeing the project. The 15,000-square-foot building is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. While slightly smaller than the original church, the modern and elegant design of the new structure will accommodate the present day needs of the parish and offer state of the art sustainable, building systems performance.





St. Mary's Funeral Center

with Bishop Myron J. Cotta

Rite of blessing and opening ceremony for St. Mary's Funeral Center held June 11


Auxiliary Bishop Myron J. Cotta celebrated the rite of blessing and grand opening ceremony of the new St. Mary's Funeral Center at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery on June 11. The funeral center is located at 6509 Fruitridge Road in Sacramento.


The event was hosted by Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, a ministry of the Diocese of Sacramento. With a total of 24,000 square feet, St. Mary's Funeral Center features a large chapel with high vaulted ceilings, reception rooms, beautiful indoor glass front niches and an on-site creamtory.


For more information about St Mary's Funeral Center and its services, call (916) 452-4831.


bullet with text Link here for more information about Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services





Bishop Jaime Soto
Bishop Jaime Soto

educate and prepare for California's impending 'End of Life Option Act'

Bishop Jaime Soto releases statement, offers resources

In effect as of June 9


On May 31, Bishop Jaime Soto issued the following statement:


Dear Friends in Christ:

On June 9, 2016 California will venture over a moral precipice with the legal implementation of euthanasia, physician-assisted-suicide.  Euphemistically entitled the “End of Life Option Act” this law allows physicians to prescribe lethal doses of drugs for the expressed purpose of aiding a patient commit suicide.

Under the ruse of compassion, this reprehensible law fundamentally ruptures the physician-patient relationship.  Californians will face a new moral menace, especially for the most vulnerable of our neighbors and friends:  the elderly, the disabled, and the poor.  As has been seen in other states and countries with similar laws, the option to kill one’s self with the aid of a doctor is soon followed by the encouragement to do so, and eventually by the expectation.

At this lamentable turning point in our state’s history, I urge the Catholic community and everyone of good will to refuse to participate in this inhumane practice and affirm our solidarity with the weak and the vulnerable.  We should redouble our efforts to promote palliative care and commit ourselves to be caring companions of those who feel alone or abandoned as they approach the end of life.  We hold in common our human dignity.  We affirm this human bond when we care for one another and accompany each other, especially in the moments of need. ...


Brief, readable resources are available by linking below:

Related Links & Resources





Jerry Del Core

management of catholic cemeteries

Jerry Del Core joins diocese as chief executive officer

of Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services


Jerry Del Core has joined the Diocese of Sacramento as the new Chief Executive Officer for Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, Inc. He began his new role on June 7.


As the CEO, Del Core will be responsible for the oversight and management of the Catholic cemeteries within the Diocese of Sacramento.


Del Core most recently served as vice president and general manager of KXTL Fox 40 in Sacramento from 2010-2015. He was regional vice president and general manager of Clear Channel Radio from 2000 to 2007 in Atlanta and Sacramento. He has extensive experience and a long history of work in various media, including television and radio. A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., he is a graduate of New York University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.


Del Core can be contacted at JDelCore@scd.org or (916) 733-0252. For information about Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, visit the link below.


bullet with text Link here for more information about Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services





Camp Pendola

join us for some family fun!

Camp Pendola hosts day camp in July at Trinity Pines Catholic Center in Colfax


Camp Pendola is offering a summer day camp for children entering first through sixth grade, so that they can get a taste of traditional summer camp. The day camp will be held at Trinity Pines Catholic Center July 11-15 (weird science) and July 18-22 (amazing race). The day camps runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day. Visit the link below for more information or to register call Jennifer Campbell at (916) 806-7352 or jcampbell@scd.org.


bullet with text Link here for more information about these events and to register online for Camp Pendola




May-June Catholic Herald

digital edition on this website

May-June 2016 issue of Catholic Herald magazine is published; stories focus on living with mental illness


The May-June issue of Catholic Herald magazine of the Diocese of Sacramento has been published. The digital edition is available on the right margin of this website or by clicking on the image at the left.


The theme of this issue is living with mental illness. The cover story, "Anthony chooses to be part of the solution," features an interview with Anthony Da Vigo, a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Sacramento. Coping with the mental illness of his son David, the oldest of his four children, has affected every aspect of Anthony's life over the past 40 years, walking through what he calls "the labyrinth of denial, recognition, acceptance, coping and advocacy."


Other feature stories include the compelling story of Dana Spears, who, after years of experiencing depression, suffering through denial and stress, as well as reaching out for help and treatment, is finding balance in her life and relying on her Catholic faith and the support of her parish community; an interview with Paul Seishas, a psychotherapist on staff at St. Joseph Parish in Elk Grove, whihc offers counseling and psychotherapy as a "service ministry" for the Catholic community; the story of Father Mervin Concepcion of St. Maria Goretti Parish in Elk Grove and Sacramento Police Lt. Roman Murrietta, who are building trust through community outreach and intervention in the "Cops and Clergy" program.


Bishop Jaime Soto is publisher of the magazine, which is published six times each year and includes moving faith stories and high-quality photography about Catholics in the diocese as well as news and events of the local church. Individual faith stories are the cornerstone of Catholic Herald Magazine and columns also explore the Catholic faith and educate about the teachings of the church. To donate $15 per year to receive Catholic Herald, call (916) 733-0266.


bullet with text Link to more information about Catholic Herald magazine's issues and themes for 2016

bullet with text Link to the website of Catholic Herald magazine, including the archive of issues published





Saints of Mercy relics

through October 2016

Saints of Mercy relics tour being hosted by various parishes and schools


The Divine Mercy Support Network is coordinating the Saints of Mercy Relics Tour now through the end of October at various parishes and schools in the Diocese of Sacramento.


The tour includes 30 relics of saints, blessed from Rome. They are ordinary men, women and children who embraced Christ's call to holiness and discipleship by living lives of faith-filled mercy through daily life and service.


The Saints of Mercy Relics Tour includes booklets about the Jubilee Year of Mercy and the tour, which are beautifully-designed with hand-illustrated portraits of the saints and include prayers for the veneration of the saints and their relics.


For dates and locations of the tour, visit the link below. For additional information or questions, contact John Doering at (530) 677-2805 or at info@DivineMercySacramento.org.


bullet with text Link here for more information about the Saints of Mercy Relics Tour and dates and locations





2015 Diocesan Directory

searchable PDF on this website

Diocese of Sacramento 2015 Directory still available


You can still purchase a 2015 edition of the Diocese of Sacramento Directory.


The directory contains contact information for all parishes, schools, diocesan offices and institutions and agencies of the diocese. The directory also contains listings for all priests, deacons and men and women religious.


A searchable PDF of the 2015 diocesan directory is available on this website (see right hand navigation margin). Here you can search all content in the directory.


Additional copies of the directory may be purchased by using the link to the PDF form below. If you wish to order, print out the form with your requested order. The suggested donation per book is $14.50 ($10 plus $4.50 for postage and handling). You may pay $10 per book (and avoid the postage and handling fee) by picking up your directory order at the Diocesan Pastoral Center at 2110 Broadway in Sacramento from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Only orders with payment by check or money order payable to the Diocese of Sacramento will be processed.


bullet with text Link to download and print the order form for the 2015 Diocese of Sacramento Directory