Wellness Counselor

Cristo Rey High School
Employment Type
Full Time
$30,000-$70,000 yr

Job Summary: Manage a caseload of approximately 150-300 students Counsel students experiencing personal or family difficulties and emotional distress. Provide individual and group short-term counseling, and referrals Refer students to community agencies, and other resources as necessary. Work with the Counseling Department and Principal to provide parent information meetings on a monthly basis. Provide opportunities for family engagement and community building events Constant communication between counselor and families related to a students social well-being.

Work with the Academic Administration team to bridge the gap between academic and social-emotional needs. Perform learning assessments to examine the learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses of a student. Maintain confidentiality and facilitate family and school communication Facilitate communication between families, students and teachers. Coordinate with students’ off-campus counselors, coordinate on-campus sessions, and disseminate information to appropriate staff Work collaboratively with other members of the counseling staff, especially with the college counseling program